My Word for 2020 is Savor 🌱 🌿🍃

taste (good food or drink) and enjoy it completely.

a characteristic taste, flavor, or smell, especially a pleasant one.

I have another word I’m going to be focusing on this year as well and that is reuse.

use more than once.

the action of using something again.

A chicken carcass cooked up and homemade chicken noodle soup for a cold, wintry day.

The babies of my mature hens and chicks plant from last spring.

I purchased and replanted the momma plant in May and had it in my patio garden all summer, fall, and part of our mild November. I really didn’t want to part with it so I harvested some of the babies and brought them inside. I’ve been watering them and providing sunlight and ventilation. They seem to be doing fine–they’re in loose sandy airy soil with some gravel underneath them. We shall see if I can make this work and perhaps not have to buy another expensive hens and chicks plant this spring.

2019 was an exhausting year for me and really our household. Between looking at houses to possibly move to, working full-time +, keeping up my volunteer hours, writing, reviewing books, gardening, and social media, I was kept way too busy. Then mid-year I developed a health issue due to a lifelong issue and spent the rest of the year in pain, worried, and worn out.. A part of me even at 55 still feels like I haven’t accomplished anything unless I’m completely worn out at the end of any given day. I almost always choose finishing up work, projects, or home tasks before I take a break or go do something fun. Even with my health issue I never missed work, never really rested beyond my nightly sleep, and continued working/volunteering/putting in 60 hour work weeks. Upon year’s end I sat down and took inventory of my life/schedule/hobbies/ etc. and made some changes.

Both this year and last via social media all I see are people equally burnt out, worn out, and looking for simplicity. Though I’m not much for social media, I do love taking pictures and keeping up with friends and accounts I follow that I really like on IG. Most people I follow –maybe 99% are selling something and relying on internet sales for their income.  I am very thankful I don’t have to do that anymore.  Back in the old days I used to create web pages/sites for income and maintained PowerSeller status for ten years on eBay.  Between the competition, and costs, and self-marketing/advertising every day was a challenge. Thinking back though nothing like things are today. I loved it and made many friends all over the world selling on eBay.

Today is very different in the online/internet world. Competition is fierce and things change fast, and people change their minds fast, and are distracted a lot, and definitely trying  100% of the time to stay relevant. Not too long ago, after I hadn’t sold anything online for maybe a year or more, I got an email from someone I’d sold something to 2 years before that. I’m not sure exactly what was going on but she wanted to know if she’d bought anything recently from me and for me to send her an invoice and she’d pay it. She apologized profusely for not taking care of it right away. I of course had no idea what she was talking about but did have her name in my eBay sales contacts as someone I’d shipped something to. We finally figured out that she had ordered from someone else more recently and just hadn’t checked her purchases and finding just any name in her email account she began emailing sellers so she could pay her bill. She had been so busy online that she hadn’t had time to check her email account in several months. Busy people. Things like this happen all the time and the main reason for it is people are distracted, too busy, and most of all competing/keeping up with/updating their status with someone or something online–usually connected to social media. 

So back to my end of year inventory–I decided to:

  • cut down on social media
  • not move and not look for out-of-state home until 2021
  • look at local homes for sales in 2020
  • volunteer at places more local to me
  • smaller patio garden
  • less blogging

More time for savoring every moment of my life! Until next time –be well ✨❄️


Goals—Welcome 2020!

I promise this post isn’t a lecture or a set of how-tos for setting goals. Rather, I’d like to think that it will be my way of explaining how very vital and necessary setting some (even one) is to your mental and physical health. Sitting at my desk the other day, I overheard a co-worker say “I’m not setting any resolutions or goals this year–I’m just going to let the pieces fall wherever and whatever happens.” My first reaction was to almost choke on my coffee but instead, I just sat at my desk trying to imagine what kind of perfect world this person lives in where everything is left up to chance?
Because whether he knows it or not he set goals– he just doesn’t sit and write them out and hold himself accountable for them like a lot of other people do. And that my friends are exactly why so many people look at goal-setting as the enemy. Let’s look at the top three reasons why people don’t/won’t set goals

  • Fear- fear of failure.
  • Inability to commit to a plan–hit the start button.
  • Not knowing what you want.

I’ve noticed that by setting goals I have:

  • Something to look forward to every day.
  • Something that motivates me to stay on course.
  • A way to measure personal commitment to any one given thing.
  • Training in focusing, motivating, endurance, time management, working efficiently.
  • An accurate measure of attaining goals.
  • Learned how to stay on task–completing projects and personal goals.
  • Learned more about my strengths and weaknesses and how to improve both.

Don’t forget that at any time you can reassess your goal–restart, lengthen it, shorten it, edit it, amend it, etc. Within reason and before you scrap it or write it off as failure reassess! Examining, reexamining your goals/objectives teaches you how to set realistic goals, your limits; strengthens your plan, and helps you to reach your goal more effectively and successfully.  When you sit down with a piece of paper in hand to write out your goals for the year, month, week, or day first and foremost you need:

  • To know what you want.
  • And believe you can get it.

If you sit down and have no clue as to what you want–not even a general idea then whatever goal you write down will not be a clear goal in your mind. If you know what you want but inside don’t believe you can get it–you never will. It’s that simple.

Several years back I was one of those non-believers in goals. I thought setting goals was a time waste and that certainly if I wanted something bad enough, I’d achieve it. I also felt setting goals was for people that needed extra help–certainly not me, and that I didn’t have the time to sit down and write things out. Turns out I was the perfect person to learn how to set goals because as it turns out goal-setting is one of the main reasons I made it through college, internships, long commutes, and finally at long last being able to do some things in life that I’ve always wanted to do. If I’d never taken the time to understand goal setting and then setting some I would still be sitting on the sidelines stressed to the max wondering why I wasn’t getting anywhere in anything I was doing.

Not setting goals doesn’t relieve stress. Not having a clear picture of what you want, not believing in yourself, and never getting to where you want to go–stresses you out.

O.k. a little lecture but I’m telling you that setting a goal, putting into place all the things that can make your goal a success, then moving forward day by day to achieve it, and then achieving it is such a wonderful feeling– a real confidence booster. A celebration and a step toward achieving everything you’ve set out for yourself, your family, and your career right there for you to enjoy.

Until next time–happy goal-setting and a happy, healthy 2020!

Patio Gardening Summer 2019 Week 10-12

I’m three months into my container garden and a total of 4.5 months working on and caring for this year’s garden.  Here is what happened in the last 2 weeks–

I cut back the peony and the peony bush grew back better than ever.

I’ve spent three storms on my deck getting drenched tying up bush tomato plants.

I’ve harvested zero tomatoes but so far have about 40 green tomatoes of various sizes.

My petunia and my smaller geranium plant died.

I have harvested oregano, thyme, and rosemary four times now. I’ve made soup, roast, and spaghetti using fresh herbs this past week.

I’ve got four large tomato plants –two of which look dead. I’ve got two small tomato plants, and by small I mean 2 ft tall, and one (there was two) pepper plant that  looks promising. My succulents were cut back and they look fabulous. I bought a tropical plant at Walmart that is growing like crazy, as well as my butterfly bush which is four times bigger than when we first bought it. The butterfly bush is definitely this seasons biggest winner! I visited a lavender farm a couple of weekends ago and bought a small lavender plant. I believe it is the most expensive single plant I’ve ever purchased- $10.00, so I am really babying it 🙂


Until next time- be well!