The Fall Feast


Thanksgiving this year is sure going to be different. Usually my volunteer work takes up most of my free time during the month of November. Due to the current crisis and my age, I’ve had to forgo volunteering. Food in our area, and I’m sure in yours as well, has really gone up. Actually everything has and for the first time in a long time this year has found us saying no a lot. No to extra’s, no to wants, no to luxuries, and no to non-essential items. We’ve got an entirely new outlook on spending, shopping, and accumulating stuff!

Thanksgiving will be a day of thanks for us in more ways than one–or at least that is what we are planning. I’m hoping turkey’s will be priced affordably and if not we’ll roast a chicken. Either way we will enjoy a warm meal and for that no matter what it consists of–we will feel blessed.

In the meantime here’s a picture of some cookies I baked the other night. I revised the recipe and used applesauce instead of egg, plant-based butter instead of dairy butter, and Enjoy Life chocolate chips.

My version of Martha Stewart’s Crisp and Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies ==Vegan Style

1/2 cup of applesauce as a substitute for 2 eggs, 2-1/2 sticks of Country Crock Plant butter sticks (almond or avocado) rest of the recipe in link above as is.

Until next time friends be safe, stay well, and Happy Fall…soon winter❄️❄️

Turkey Dinner for 12 & gratitude printable

This week I found a fantastic printable that I copied onto my chalkboard.

Source for printable–  & may I say that I just love this blog-All Things Bright and Beautiful

Well folks, its Thanksgiving week already. Where does the time go? My husband and I went shopping this past weekend to avoid the big rush and purchased a ton (it sure felt like it) of food. We helped friends host family members and a deer hunter get-together and helped feed over 40 people for 3 days. On top of that we finished our Christmas shopping, painted the bathroom, picked out new carpeting and both worked overtime at our full-time jobs. But oh the reward of the big feast all weekend. I made a lot of homemade sloppy- joes, bbq’d what seemed like an endless supply of brats and baked 6 pies. Now after another full week of work, we’ll be doing it all over again come Thursday. It’s very rewarding to cook for people who love to eat and we are extremely grateful to have friends and loved ones near us throughout the Thanksgiving and holiday season. I’m thankful to know such wonderful people not only through work, but through living in this area and through the various organizations we volunteer for. It’s  really a labor of love to entertain the special people in our life.

For Thanksgiving dinner there will be 12 people give or take 5 more. I wanted to make sure we had plenty of food and also some leftovers as well as something here and there to send home with everyone. So I perused the internet until I found some pointers about how much food to prepare for 12 people. I will be the main cook/hostess so it’s all on me. Here’s what I found at Taste of Home .   I think we nailed it with what we bought and have on hand- I currently have two 20-pound turkeys defrosting in the refrigerator and I’ll be baking 1-13# ham.  We’ll be having sides of mashed, rice and stuffing, along with cauliflower, squash, brussels sprouts, corn and sweet potatoes. We will have both veggie and fruit trays for before the meal and cookie and cake trays after the meal. The desserts are yet to be decided, I’m thinking cheesecake, pie and creme brulee . On Wednesday, after work, I’ll be making the homemade bread and rolls. Having a lot of people for dinner isn’t new to us but this is the first Thanksgiving I’ve cooked alone for more than 10 people.

Until next time, I wish all of my readers a wonderful Thanksgiving day(if you celebrate the day)and as always until next time–be safe and be well.