Lawson’s Legacy by Gloria Dawn Book Review *****

Lawson’s Legacy by Gloria Dawn is a wild west cowboy tale of two friends and their very different lives as they live side by side in western Canada. I was completely captivated by the characters in and the story of Lawson’s Legacy and loved how the author incorporated her own experience as a cook’s helper on a ranch into the story. This gave depth to the storytelling and enhanced the rich descriptive sentences throughout the book.

I thoroughly enjoyed Lawson’s Legacy by Gloria Dawn. I was emotionally invested in the characters early in the book and really enjoyed the pace of the story, trials and triumphs, love and romance, and the way the author chose to deal with very delicate subjects throughout the book. One of my favorite books of 2021, a real page turner, and solid historical romance you won’t soon forget. I highly recommend Lawson’s Legacy book #1 from Gloria Dawn’s Blue Canadian Rockies series.

Reviewer’s notes: this was the first historical romance (fiction) outside of Janette Oke’s (Inspirational author) many, many books (I’ve read them all & own the movies!) that I’ve ever read. To keep things interesting I often choose books outside of my personal preferences “just to see.” I’m almost always surprised and throughout the last four years reviewing books, I have added many new genre’s to my favorites list. Prior to Janette Oke, I’d always considered historical romances as soft porn. Not my cup of tea at all. I specifically chose Janette’s books based on the fact they were released under Christian fiction. Lawson’s Legacy, although not Christian fiction, could be. I enjoyed this book, gave it a five-star review on Amazon, have now read it twice, and would recommend it to anyone that loves historical fiction (this one dates back to the mid 1800’s early 1900’s) with a side order of romance.

Homemade Hazelnut Spread

Hazelnut spread


It’s time for chocolate isn’t it? What with taxes and the Superbowl, snowstorms and such. I subscribe to Bon Appetit and they recently had a scrumptious recipe for Better than Nutella Hazelnut Spread. My husband loves chocolate and his favorite sandwich is one that’s made with hazelnut spread. I love making it homemade instead of buying it. Try this recipe I think you’ll love it too.

February is one of my favorite months. I’m big on romance, I love Valentines day. In fact our home has been decorated for the big day since the second week of January. Our wedding anniversary is also in February, this year it’s our 20th.  We’ve decided to book a romantic getaway to San Diego for the month of June. A bit of ocean, sun and warmth to celebrate 20 years of marital bliss. I’d like to go now but unfortunately this is the busiest season for an accountant. I’m also studying for the CPA exam I’ll be taking in May, so a vacation after that will be very appreciated.

Until next time, enjoy February!