Pantry Prep and Simple Living Guide

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Pantry Prep and Simple Living Guide

Simple gentle decluttering tips + pantry prep list w/details


Once I’ve received your payment and email address, I will email you the link for the pdf copy of my new guide –Basic Pantry Prep and Simple Living Guide. I am hoping in the near future to figure out how to automatically accept payment and the download is immediately available. I’m still working out all the details on how to do this correctly. For now I will send the Google Doc PDF link to your email upon payment and say–Enjoy!

Details about the guide:

  • It’s 22 pages
  • It’s current and up to date.
  • The pantry prep is typically for two people but works for bigger families too.
  • The font is 14 Garamond and easy to read.
  • There are 12 months of gentle simple living and decluttering tips.
  • In the pantry prep I include details about size, brand, oz. etc. so that you can be fairly confident your pantry is well stocked without waste.
  • There are a lot of tips throughout the guide that will save you money all year long.

Example of monthly decluttering tips:


September is the month that I start preparing for the holidays. I know, I know–summer is just turning into fall and all that pumpkin spice! This is the time to start thinking about holiday prep, holiday baking, holiday stock-up, and if you exchange gifts or? Then how that is going to work this year–lists, amounts per family member, teacher’s gift etc.

Sales for so many things happen throughout the year and I pick things up for gifts right after the holidays. If you are into Bath and Body Works, they have two big sales a year (Feb/July). If you are planning on having anything custom made, now is the time. Also, due to shortages, delays, back orders galore–order now if you can. I just now received a shipping confirmation from something ordinary, not terribly special or rare, that I ordered from Anthropologie in March.  Special things you might want to purchase from Etsy are things you may want to consider buying very soon. I hear there is going to be a toy shortage this year. Start consulting family members about what your grand kids, nieces, nephews, friend’s kids and so on want. When you have a list and the money necessary–start ordering. Expect delays.

Example of Pantry prep:

White Sugar- if it is baking season (winter) or hummingbird feeder season (may-sept) I have on hand 15# pounds of sugar. Otherwise 10# is sufficient for 3 months (lasts more than this in our house).

Brown Sugar (2) 2# bags. We have a 2# of light and a 2# of dark on hand throughout the year for baking. 1- 2# bag is sufficient to get you through 3 months if you like to bake, eat oatmeal, and make your own bbq sauce.

Yeast- unless I have a specific use for yeast I don’t buy the packets, but will buy the jar and refrigerate it. Check out Fleischmann’s active dry.

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