The Little Things in Life

I wrote a blog post awhile back about mundane days, which in a way, is as unappreciated as the little things in life.

What are the little things in life? Your life?

I hear it all the time “maybe now we can get back to the way things were” or “back to some normalcy.” I can sort of understand someone making a comment like “back to normalcy etc.” I do understand they are just “sayings” although, seriously, there are people that believe everything is going to return back to how things were in 2019 before Covid. Like, just like that, “we’re all back to normal.” The hard truth is we, none of us, are ever going to be able to go back to before Covid-19. There are nearly 3.5 million people worldwide (and their family/friends) whose life won’t return to normal because they died from Covid-19 during a pandemic that turned all of our worlds upside down in the last 15 months or so..

Personally, what I found to be most difficult during this whole last year was thinking all the time about how people all over the world were dying alone. Whether they were dying of Covid or dying of cancer–they were dying alone because of the CDC’s protocols. I thought about people who had limited time and 2020 may have been their last year on earth. Or people that had saved for their whole lives to travel somewhere in 2020 and were not able to. And maybe just maybe didn’t make it through 2020 to be able to reschedule. I thought of a lot of different scenarios of people all over the world and prayed all the time for everyone. Many people’s lives are forever changed from everything we all experienced in the year 2020.

2020 affected all of us–every last one of us. Even the ones for whom 2020 was no more than an inconvenience.

So, what are the little things in life. Life’s little blessings? Where are they as we all get ready to get back out into the world and quite possibly forget the little blessings that helped us keep it together in 2020?

For me it was the quiet. More quiet every day and nature rebounding joyfully. Less trodden paths, more birdsong, flowers left for their beauty, less air pollution, and oh yes–less people to irritate and frustrate me.

I learned how to single handedly keep our larder stocked and neither hubby nor I ran out of TP, or our favorite goodies, or things to do to keep our minds off of the crazy world we live in.

I enjoyed seeing new birds in our neighborhood, neighbors sitting outside taking in fresh air, people helping other people despite.. and getting used to checking ourselves out at every store we visited.

I was overjoyed at times that the mail continued to be delivered, delivery people made it to our door on time, telemarketers and their schemes quit ringing our phones, and restaurants seemed to, for a time, almost perfect their standard fare.

Life’s little things much more appreciated when the focus comes off of the big things in life–which aren’t actually big to me (social, vacation, spa/beauty salons, contractor work, etc).

Last year’s pause of our day-day life brings to this year new knowledge–

  • Our garden is going to be smaller– more gardener focused (therapeutic) vs. production, production, production.
  • Meals are going to be light, healthy, and packed with local veggies vs. labor intensive meals.
  • I survived being a remote worker and will continue to work remotely.
  • We survived just fine without travel and will sock that money away for moving into our new home someday.
  • There are a lot of things we did without food, drink, convenience that we will continue not to purchase because in the end–no big deal. Many items stopped being made or the flavor we liked or the prices went up so–bye!
  • We eat a lot less meat$ and that’s a good thing. We also use a lot less TP (I know TMI lol).

My container garden this year is being dedicated to all of the people throughout the world who lost their lives in 2020. Whether virus or accident or suicide or natural causes or other illness 2020 was a awful, lonely, and much more than ever sad time to die.

The little things I hope to celebrate in my patio garden this year are first blooms, fireflies, sweat bees, Mr. Bumble Bee (he visits my porch every year) being there when he finds the bee balm, the smell of my first peony, the heat of my first cluster of cherry tomatoes, the rain droplets on each green leaf, the end of day feeling of the beauty the sun, moon, rain, bees, God, and I created out of a few dollars and half a dozen seed packets, and lots of watering and pruning!

Happy Spring everybody–get out there when and if you can and create some beautiful memories.