Gluten-free homemade holiday dressing

Well, it’s official-Winter is here! Snow is on the ground in Wisconsin, and temperatures are rapidly plummeting. This school term is a tough one, thankfully I’m down to my last four courses. My courses are federal taxation and tax laws plus an advanced accounting course that prepares me for the CPA exam. So, a lot of time is being spent doing homework, again. Between work, homework and the holiday season fast approaching, there is the work of preparing menus and lists for all the days leading up to and after Christmas. My first menu is our Thanksgiving menu: Organic turkey from the Co-op -check,  spuds-check, carrots, squash and sweet potatoes-check, homemade mac and cheese-check, homemade pumpkin pie-check, assorted snacks, and goodies- still working on, stuffing? hmm
Every year the question is begged “should we have stuffing or not” on the big day. This year my husband and I have decided to make it, and make it friendly for me (gluten- free). So I went looking on the internet, what would we do without it? and found a recipe I am going to try this coming weekend and see how it goes. Here’s the recipe and here’s what it looks like

wild rice
Among the assortment of traditional Thanksgiving day goodies, is homemade mac and cheese. Because for us and so many others, mac and cheese is a traditional dish for this day. My tried and true recipe is here, I’ve said it many times, even here on my blog, I look to Ina Garten for all my cooking and baking recipes. Sometimes I do try a new one like I am trying above with the Wild Rice dressing, but 99% of the time, I leave it to Ina. The yummy mac and cheese looks like this

Mac n Cheese
We went out this past weekend and bought ourselves a new tree. We do the faux trees because our cat eats the real ones and the real ones can be very toxic for kitties.  Our tree is a beautiful 8′ fir tree that I cannot wait to decorate. But first things first Thanksgiving. I’ll blog about the new dressing and how it turns out next week this time. Until then have yourselves a safe and warm (if you live where it snows/cold) week.