Summer fun🏖️ and a garden update🪴

Early spring I sat down and wrote out everything I’d like to accomplish this summer as far as summer fun. Add to that I had a couple of personal goals that I hoped to finish up and our summer was off to a busy start. My first personal goal was to lose 10# by the Fourth of July! Which I was able to do and this made me so happy. I don’t have to tell any of you how hard it is to lose any weight after 55. I’m pretty sure most of you have heard just how hard it is. Whether it is a metabolism thing or something physical hinders your ability to do the right exercises or just plain hereditary–it’s hard.

My second personal goal was to finish learning how to speak French. Now, this goal not so practical as no one around me speaks French. I started out wanting to learn to speak a new language several years back. My husband speaks Dutch and so for obvious reasons I started there. However, the truth is unless you have someone to speak that language with every day–what’s the point? It’s hard to learn it and retain it if you aren’t using it every day. So, I can understand a lot of things spoken in Dutch, but I am unable to roll my r’s as much as is needed/which frustrates me so we don’t speak it. So back to French lessons it was because whether I was ever going to have someone to talk to in French or not, I wanted to learn a second language. I watch an incredible amount of Foreign/Int’l film, with many of the films from France, and learning French has helped me so much that I no longer need to use the subtitles. I also find myself saying back the word/phrases with the actor, in a sense learning it from hearing it. I use the program- Duolingo and have found it to be the best for me. I have purchased two of the other language programs and not had any success. We have traveled to France and we will be traveling there again this fall so my learning it–if only for travel seems like a good thing to do.

Lastly on the personal goal front, I wanted to run/walk for a cause this spring/summer and I finally did. I did a 10K walk, first time, in 100 minutes. That day there were many walkers that finished after me, some way after (120 minutes +). A seasoned runner told me 100 minutes was pretty good for a beginner and to aim for 90 minutes (fast walking) my next 10K. So, I was pretty proud of myself!

Garden update–I’ve lost a lot of plants in my garden to the heat. My first lavender plant died, my second is doing great. One of my two oregano plants died and my second is flowering. I started with 6 tomato plants and I’m down to 3 and it doesn’t look like they’re going to flower anytime soon. Both my rose bushes died, I cut them back, and they are regrowing exponentially! One rosemary was harvested and the other is doing great. All but one of my geraniums died, my petunia plant died, my thyme plant died, and finally after several harvests my peppermint plant died. So–at least 1/2 my garden is gone, but what is left looks good. Though after all the time, money, and care, I’d sure like a tomato or two…

Our summer agenda–we visited two of the three lavender farms in Wisconsin.

Rowley Creek Lavender Farm

We have been to three different farmer’s markets multiple times already–Cameron Street in La Crosse WI, Baraboo Market, and the Dane County Farmer’s market plus almost a dozen roadside stands. I’ve put up green beans, some early tomatoes, strawberries, and made jam. Soon it is sweet corn time!

Tomatoes from Deep Rooted

We are going to tour Taliesin in Spring Green WI again in August. We were there and to the House on the Rock several years back but hubby’s back was out at the time.

At the end of July we’re going tubing down the Wisconsin River–first time, plus a two night “glamping” at the same time, of course the usual fishing here and there, hiking and biking, and summer parades and picnics too. We spend a lot of time outdoors, at the lake– both on and off the water.

Come Fall, I have some really fun things geared around pumpkins and haunted houses–we can’t wait.

What I’m reading:

My diet is almost 100% plant-based at this time. In 2020 I took MasterClass cooking classes by Gordon Ramsay, Alice Waters, Massimo Bottura, and Thomas Keller. I loved taking these cooking classes. They were my first online. I have taken three classes at a local kitchen to learn how to make French pastry and bread. I was a baker for a year in a grocery store and though I enjoyed it, I wasn’t that good. I’m a much better cook than baker so I generally gravitate toward classes geared around food.

What I’m watching? We just finished Lupin on Netflix and have moved on to Season 17 of Grey’s Anatomy.

Thank you so much to everyone that is following along. I looked at my stats recently–something I rarely do, and have seen that a total of 184 follow me through Reader and another 687 follow me through email. Favorite posts are always the holiday posts and my gardening posts! I’ve been blogging here since May 2008 and have written most times two posts a week/sometimes three/other times just one with a total of 1597 posts written (w/620 private posts). I don’t think I ever took a week off–whether moving, sick, in hospital, swamped with work, even heartbreak over loss, writing is what sustains me. I am and always will be grateful that writing is really good for me. My blog and all of you are so very important to me. I want you to know you’re important (so I show up),I appreciate the likes, and all the feedback. Thank you, Thank you. All of you❤︎

Until next time 🐝well and 🐝kind


First–what are macronutrients? Macro means “large” so macronutrients are large nutrients.

There are three basic components of every diet and they are carbohydrates, fat, and protein. You can also include a fourth one which is water. We need large amounts of the three basic components in our diet to keep our bodies well and to keep them going–energy, metabolism, and bodily functions. We need carbohydrates to keep our brain (which is why people on the Keto diet get brain fog) and muscles working.

We need fats–and it’s best when it comes to fat to eat unsaturated plant-based fat(nuts, avocadoes, and olive oil) mostly and only some times consume fats like butter and cream. Healthy fat helps you to absorb the vitamins in your food. Again–concerning the Keto diet, and likely why everyone I know who has ever been on it gained back + weight soon as they went off of it–the fats that are recommended with this diet are all the wrong fats. There isn’t a plant-based fat among the fats listed that keto dieters are to include in their diets. The list includes butter, ghee, meat, high fat cheese, cream, and eggs.

Protein breaks down in your gut into amino acids which help to repair tissues like muscle and skin. Amino acids are also used for making essential hormones and enzymes in our body that support our immune system.


If you are about to try dieting, regardless of which one, please see a nutritionist–if even for a consultation (some are free) and learn about basic nutrition. I am not a nutritionist but I have studied nutrition from the very basic roots (science, biology, anatomy) of it to just about everything in our present day food chain and would not go on a diet, or drink some magic elixir sold through social media, without consulting a nutritionist and talking with my physician or naturopath or both.  Also, it doesn’t hurt to start a conversation with the farmer who grows your food, or someone selling what they’ve grown at a local Farmer’s Market, and even a local chef. You will be very surprised and forever grateful for what many of them can teach you about nutrition. Everyone’s body is different and everyone’s physical health–immune system, metabolism, organ health, skin, and bodily functions are completely different from everyone else’s.  I know the ads, pics, profiles, and sales pitches can be pretty convincing but remember you aren’t seeing everything going on behind the scenes. Everyone I know that has gone on some fad diet also worked out a lot.   The second they couldn’t work out they started feeling fatigued, sore and achy muscles, and the weight started coming back. When you reduce one macronutrient and increase another there are consequences. Many people I know drinking magic elixirs also spend an unusual amount of time in the restroom. While others are constantly crashing from the protein powders and drinks and supplementing with large doses of caffeine. Have some people benefitted from fad dieting and magic elixirs? Maybe? But remember they are doing way more than just drinking juice or having butter/ghee in their morning coffee. There are gym memberships, enzymes, supplements, vitamins, energy drinks, regular running/walking/jogging and often times an income (from selling said supplements/books/gym memberships) and so much more behind their weight loss. Ok lecture over and back to macronutrients!

Secondhow do I get them? Through the food in your diet.

Third-what do they do? Macronutrients help us grow, heal, repair, and they give us energy.

Macro Calculator-free macro calculator from Transparent Labs here

Macro Diets– Counting macros–a wonderful article and recipes at Cooking Light here

Macronutrient recommended %– 45-60% of your daily calories from carbs, 20-35% from fat, and 10-35% from protein.  Source