Christmas Morning Breakfast & A Scrumptious Savory Galette!

We usually do grapefruit, toast, and cereal. If I’m being honest. Because by December 20th, I’m worn out from work, shopping, wrapping, baking, hauling food, volunteer work, ordering things online and tracking them down, and oh yes–did I happen to say cooking. I won’t even have enough energy to prep something to just throw in the oven. Besides, is it just me or do breakfast casseroles just look gross? Dried bread crumbs mixed with eggs and leftovers. No thanks.

I digress.

I do like a good omelet or this broccoli and cheese galette that I’ve been dreaming about since September..

I’m definitely making this for New Year’s Day.

I also love having breakfast for dinner. Tonight we had a real favorite of mine :

French toast made with maple and brown sugar bread- Yum!

So back to Christmas morning and traditions–it’s always fruit (orange and grapefruit, cereal, toast and jam, and hot coffee). I don’t get up at the crack of dawn, but rather at the respectable hour of 9:00 am sharp lol. Our stockings have oranges and chocolate in them. At midnight of Christmas Eve, which is now officially Christmas morning, we unwrap one gift, and then we go to bed to whisper stories to each other about our childhood Christmases past. Christmas morning is all about being together, having a good breakfast, letting our cat play with his new toys, and then eventually opening our gifts to one another. Soon after we get up, shower, get dressed, and start to get things ready for guests. Some years we’ve volunteered on Christmas day, but not for the last three years have we done this.

Christmas dinner is almost always ham and turkey, mashed potatoes & gravy, roasted Brussels sprouts, glazed carrots, stuffing, homemade rolls, a pickle tray, fruit and cheese board, and mincemeat and pecan pie. Christmas day is time spent with my husband, sometimes a friend or two, a dear family member and usually his partner. This year we will have two friends who would otherwise be alone on Christmas and a family member and his friend. We will eat, play board games, listen to classical music, and have too much pie and candy.

New Year’s eve will find us watching as many James Bond movies as we can–hopefully the newest one this year, me fixing the best darn charcuterie board I can muster up, and bed shortly after our midnight kiss. New Year’s Day I will be fixing that yummy broccoli and cheese galette, and a banket (homemade almond roll pastry), and maybe layered pistachio dessert this year?

All our Christmas movies watched ✅

Gingerbread made ✅

Sugar Cookies made ✅

Chocolate Mint bars made ✅

Shortbread made ✅

Cranberry made ✅

Guest room ready ✅

Stockings hung ✅

Gifts wrapped ✅

House clean ✅

We’re almost ready. All that is left to do is drop our gifts off for the 3 families we adopted this year, one last grocery shop, and flowers for my tables. Our Christmas guests will be here before we know it and the day..well that’s just around the corner.

To all my friends and followers out there–be safe, be well, and enjoy the day if you celebrate it, and I’ll see you right away January 2022!

My Christmas Centerpiece & Christmas Tree Meringue Cookies

I  ❤️ this centerpiece–fresh boughs of evergreen in vintage vases/ containers. Perfect and in my case free as we have both pine and juniper trees outside that are lush and green and I have several milk glass containers to put them in. I don’t have a tray quite like this so I will be improvising, but I do have some warm white fairy lights to help warm things up and bring some Christmas cheer to our holiday table.



My beautiful amaryllis is blooming this week!

Thanksgiving dinner turned out great–if you followed along on my IG stories you saw my preparations and enjoyed some storytelling from Dad and my holiday tablescape!

Just a little over 3 weeks from today and the big day will be here. Between a very busy volunteering schedule- SA ringing the bell, church activities, caroling and putting together Christmas packages for the shelter I volunteer at, I haven’t really found much time to bake. Which is fine because I’d much rather be volunteering than packing on the pounds. This week I will be making rosettes and the Christmas Tree Meringue Cookies

We’ve also been busy with Christmas open houses, the CP Holiday Train and food drive, and the amazing Rotary Lights in La Crosse Wisconsin.


IMG_1036 IMG_1001 IMG_1007 IMG_1009 IMG_1012IMG_1010  IMG_1059 IMG_1083 IMG_1095 IMG_1109

Christmas Day B’fast- Breakfast Strata

Christmas Dinner Menu

BBQ Beef Ribs
Rice Pilaf
Mashed Potatoes & Gravy
Scalloped Corn
Brown Sugar Glazed Carrots
Dinner Rolls

I’ve got two new cookie recipes I am trying this week and I will take photos and post them here with recipes soon. Until next time–be well!