Apple Cider Donuts


Apples are aplenty this season–we’ve sampled so many good apples from several of our local orchards. This past weekend my husband and I traveled alittle over an hour from home to visit one of our favorite apple stands –Bauer’s Market Place  and loaded up on them.   We also picked up a couple loaves of their famous Apple Fritter bread and two gallons of apple cider.  Sunday  I made some Apple Cider donuts from a recipe I found here.

Since we were near downtown La Crosse WI we decided to find a place along the waterfront to get a bite to eat.

Lacrosse view

While the view was breathtaking–the food, combined with poor service, and the noise level, were not. Two hot sandwiches that were served cold with cold fries for $40.00 was a bit extreme even for waterfront. Worse yet it was during the dinner hour and we were the only 2 customers eating–with one other table of 4 customers enjoying a liquid dinner.

But ah oh yes that view…

Once home I attempted to make my long anticipated apple hand pies with caramel drizzled over the top, but since we were wanting to take them on a picnic the next day–I did not make the caramel to go with them. Also, pressed for time, I did not make my pie crust from scratch. Big mistake. They tasted good but next time I’m going to take the time to make homemade crust and also the caramel–because what’s an apple without caramel?

Best Apples for Cooking and Baking here

Recipe for Cider Glazed Apple Bundt Cake here

Last but never least the final picture of my last two tomato plants–still producing in October.

Most years, just like a lot of other people, when October arrives everything in containers on our deck is basically brown/dead looking. This year is no different. But instead of rushing things I’m letting nature run its course. My plants are still producing tomatoes –they’re still hanging on so I’m going to let them live out their best lives. This coming weekend there is supposed to be frost so time will tell if this years garden season has come to an end and it is time to clean it all up. Everyone on social media seems to be rushing things–first it was fall/halloween mid-August and now some are rushing to Christmas.  At almost 55 I ‘m so over rushing time. Time does a wonderful job of that all on its own. I’m trying to slow time down in any and every way I can. It’s the first week of October for heaven’s sake not mid December lol… Until next time Happy Fall. We are on vacation until the third week of the month celebrating early our 25th (Silver) Wedding Anniversary.

Last run for apples & pears


This weekend was our last weekend for running out and buying freshly growing produce. We picked up the last of the fall pears, Minnesota grown squash and 20 more pounds of Macintosh apples from our favorite orchard in La Crescent- Bauer’s Marketplace. We were headed over in that direction for one last look at all the fall colors and surprised ourselves with an impromptu picnic. The last couple of weekends have been absolutely beautiful both here in Wisconsin and along the Mississippi near La Crescent, Minnesota. From now until spring of 2017 we will eat from our freezer all of the produce we bought this past summer and fall.

Soon it will be my 52nd birthday and I’m looking forward to a nice meal, catching up on reading and of course a walk in nature with my husband.


This is the time of year everything begins to move so much more quickly, at least that is how I feel. A promise I am making to myself this year on my birthday is to begin to take things a bit slower in my life, to savor the moments more rather than hurry up and on to the next thing. Everyday I want to accomplish so much, but to be honest, I need to learn how to pace myself better.  I’ll be back November 2nd with new posts, I am going to take the next week off to get ready for a Halloween Party after a birthday weekend and one of our first volunteering events of the year. Until next time– Have a Happy Halloween!