My Personal Blog

Warning my personal blog contains content regarding rape, sexual assault, bullying, childhood trauma, abuse, and depression.

From life as a toddler born to an alcoholic father and a mother abandoned by her mother; life on the streets, eviction, and finally divorce. Surviving three years locked in a tiny room— To life in a foreign country, unloved and unwanted by a new family; rape, assault, bullying, being stalked, harassed, and emotionally held captive. Disownment, abandonment, and then finally forgotten.

From having a criminal record, drug & alcohol abuse, domestic violence, homelessness, eating disorders, health issues, injuries, hospitalizations, and incarcerations.

To happiness, a peaceful heart, sober living( 17+ years and counting), total lifestyle change(360 degrees), college graduate (magna cum laude), healthy habits, career + home business and 27 years of marriage.

Walk with me as I navigate the twists and turns my life takes over the course of 56 years. Be there when I finally, finally, find my way home.

Kim VanderWerf



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