Summer Garden 2022

This year’s garden seems to be taking off. We are, thus far, having luck with our potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, and green beans. We are hoping for at least a handful of our green beans, a few slicers for salads, a meal of new potatoes, and peppers with our pizza all winter long. At the current moment, we have beans and tomatoes flowering, new growth on my bare root roses, flower buds on the mandevilla (tropical flowering plants), cucumbers climbing, my petunias and geraniums thriving, bee balm getting ready to flower, and thyme and oregano overflowing their pots. We feel blessed, but at the same time, there is a lot of effort, time, money, and care behind it all. Gardening is my therapy, so in the end, bounty or not, it’s a great experience every year, and every year I can hardly wait to do it all over again.
I hope wherever you are or whatever season you are in, you are feeling alive, happy, hopeful, and well. Until next time, K.

My 2022 Container Garden

My container garden contains the following herbs–bee balm, rosemary, thyme, and oregano. It contains the following flowers–lavender, petunias, impatiens, dahlia’s, x3 David Austin roses, a mandevilla, and geraniums. It contains an Arborvitae, tomatoes, a pepper plant, cucumbers,green beans, and x5 potato plants. Grown from seed–potatoes, tomatoes, pepper plant, cucumbers, and green beans. Total cost -$250.00, total time per week from Mid-March until October 31 approx. 96 to 100 hours.

Gardening is therapy for me. Whenever I share pictures or information about my garden, I’m always told “you’re so lucky, you must have a green thumb.” I’m not. I don’t. I put a lot of energy, time, love, and money into gardening. Sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn’t. Either way, I continue. Because gardening is my therapy.

I’ll be posting several close up updates throughout the season.

Until next time, 🐝 safe and 🐝 well.