Bees pollinate everything, and without them, our flowers and food would not exist. Now more than ever, everyone’s attention needs to be drawn to how they can save the bees. Recognizing that we cannot live without them is one of the most important things we can do. Knowing this, we can help them by letting dandelions grow—don’t spray your lawns, and plant flower gardens full of the kinds of flowers they need for their survival. Dedicated to the hardest workers of spring, summer, and fall—the bees!

Happy Summer Solstice (21 hours and 4 minutes of daylight today) to All living in the Northern Hemisphere!

Plant a bee garden


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What We’re Eating & New Blooms

All of my bare root roses from David Austin arrived this week and if they grow and bloom it will look like this in my garden~~Swoon. I purchased Princess Alexandra, Lady Alnwick, and Princess Anne. I am still waiting for this beauty, which arrives later than the bare root, already potted up.

We’ve had fresh lettuce this week, scallions, and spinach. This weekend I’m going to be grilling the asparagus and making a tart with the rhubarb. Oh how we love spring and the farmer’s market and picking vegetables up from our local farmer. We are currently finishing up all the details for our trip to France; packing, making lists for our house sitter, putting the finishing touches on our container garden, and taking a break; breather, sipping fresh lemonade, and just taking spring in. I am back to volunteering 8-10 hours a week, working 45 hours, completing two organization/declutter projects for friends (27 hours total), and helping another friend set-up an outside cooking area for the summer. All while planting my beloved roses, studying how best to care for them, fixing fresh food for my husband, and enjoying all the birds at our feeders. Life is good. I hope you are doing well wherever you are. We hope to catch the new Downton Abbey movie in our local theater this weekend. It will be our first time in a theater in almost 3 years.

Until next time, be well and be safe!