Out of the office

I don’t know about you, and I’ll preface this by saying, it’s probably just me. But don’t you just hate it when a blogger “suddenly” stops posting or someone you’re following goes quiet? No explanation, no note, no update, nothing. Sometimes, though it’s rare, they do stop back after a short period of time and actually give an explanation. Most of the time, though, bloggers come back (or they don’t) as if nothing went on and everything moves on again until the next time–and inevitably, because life is life, there is always a next time. It is concerning when a blogger stops blogging and doesn’t come back for months. I followed this wonderful UK blogger who blogged about the royal family. I looked forward to her posts every week. Suddenly, she stopped blogging for two months and then came back, stating a mental health issue. Admittedly, blogging about the royal family must have been nearly impossible these past few years. After disappearing twice, she finally stopped blogging altogether, with her blog disappearing along with her IG account. I half suspect her overall reason for blogging was to vent. I often wonder about her and pray everything works out for her.

Another blog I followed was just as curious. It started out as one thing and ended up as something totally different, which, by all rights, is perfectly fine. It was a home and garden blog, and the author posted regularly until, suddenly, all posts stopped. She came back after a while, redesigned her blog, and continued to post about her home and garden. She had a nice little blog. The only thing lacking, that I think frustrated her quite a bit, was she refused to do as others like her were doing, and that is post videos or step-by-step up-close and personal tutorials. She disappeared again, and this time for much longer. Out of the blue, I received her news letter. She had also been suffering from mental health issues. Promising no further interruptions, she began again. Another redesigned blog and promises of new and better content. Slowly but surely, her posts started becoming farther and farther apart, and alas, she disappeared altogether without a word. I truly feel her sole reason for blogging was loneliness and the idea that she could make money, get free stuff, and claim success, like some of her blogging friends. She wasn’t one to interact with her followers and, in fact, never once answered any of my questions. I pray she has found something more worthy of her time.

Which, I will now take the time to remind my readers, as long as I’m on the subject, is the sole reason I’ve never aspired to do more on my blog than ramble. And I ramble. I am always humbled by any like or comment and I thank you for taking the time out of your day or night to leave one.

So, let me spare 5 minutes. I have scheduled posts for all of June while I am traveling. If you leave a comment or email me, I will answer that comment or email upon my return. Look for that response the first week of July. Thank you for reading my blog, stopping by and leaving a comment, or emailing me. My blog is important to me and you are too. Hence, why I’m letting you know vs. leaving you hanging, high and dry.

2 thoughts on “Out of the office

  1. This is such a timely post, Kim! I feel like the pandemic completely upended blogging sometimes. Especially, where influencers are concerned. So many fellow creatives have shared how truly burnt out they are. While it’s definitely a privilege to be able to share in the way we do, it’s more work than I could have ever imagined and I think new bloggers and old bloggers alike are just plain tired and creatively tanked. Self-care is so important!


    • It must have been exhausting to create the level of content expected of an influencer these past two years. You’ve done an exceptional job, and I’m sure many are inspired by your beautiful blog. Self-care is vitally important and should be a regular part of all content creators’ days. Thank you for your comment. Have a wonderful and safe holiday weekend.


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