Three Ways to Spring Clean

The words “spring cleaning” can seem a bit daunting coming in May when so many other things are competing for your time. Here are three suggestions to consider:

Pick a room—decide to spring clean your bedroom, family room, or a child’s room.

Pick a particular task—washing, dusting, decluttering, donating, painting, patching, shampooing—you get the gist. If spring cleaning your entire home isn’t in the cards for you, try tackling spot painting, shampooing carpets, decluttering a zone, dusting all wood, washing rugs and curtains, putting away fall and winter clothing, and taking dry-cleaning items to the dry cleaner. There is so much more depending on your situation, but tackling one task can make it seem like spring cleaning came to your home.

Hire someone to do it for you. When my husband and I were cleaning and organizing for clients, we charged by the room or by the hour. Overall, our fee was generally $18.00 an hour, which is very competitive for the area (most cleaners are charging $22-25.00, or have cleaning minimums). Even at $25.00/hr, it may take just 4-5 hours for a cleaner to do basic spring cleaning–and then you’re done for another year. Time to enjoy summer!

Until next time 🐝safe and 🐝well.