Hello May!

May Day is here. May Day is a European tradition that celebrates the historic struggles and gains made by workers during the labour movement. In France, on May 1st, they celebrate Fête du Travail (Labor Day), and almost every shop, restaurant, and tourist attraction is closed for the day. People in France give friends and family bouquets of muguet (lily of the valley). In America, from the 1800’s through the early 1900’s, May baskets were hung on friends, family, and often love interests’ doors on May 1st. Now in the U.S., not much if anything is done to celebrate this wonderful day anymore. I order a rosemary plant for close friends, and I also buy each of them a bar of Muguet soap off of Etsy. 

Friends, start planning your summer vacation now because things will move quickly from May 1st to Labor Day. We’re getting ready to go on our first trip in three years to France in late spring. Once we’re back home, I have my container garden, lots of hikes, lots of sunsets, writing, antiquing, and farmer’s markets to keep me busy.

Enjoy May,🐝safe &🐝well.