Easter breakfast and sandwiches from leftovers

Good Housekeeping

Easter is almost here, if you celebrate it, and so is leftover ham (if you can afford it). We bought ours at $1.69 a pound a couple of months ago. Last weekend, I noticed they were at $2.69 a pound. Our meat consumption, though low for years, has grown considerably lower in the past two years. We now look at most meat as a luxury and try to cook an extra vegetable to make up for it. Alas, we did buy a ham and there will be leftovers.

Easter breakfast is going to be this

Sausage and Cheese Pancake Breakfast

Here are three different kinds of sandwiches I’m going to make with leftover’s-

Chopped (ground) ham spread

deviled ham sandwich>

The recipe I use is here. I skip the hard-boiled eggs and use Miracle Whip salad dressing for this sandwich. If you want a less sweet taste, stick with the mayonnaise. I loved going to church events as a kid because these sandwiches were always served on bakery fresh buns or rolls. I have a great food grinder attachment for my KitchenAid and I use it to grind my ham extra smooth. I’m not fond of chunks of ham in this sandwich.

ham and cheese>

The recipe for the ham and cheese sliders on Hawaiian rolls is here

cuban sandwich

The recipe I follow for the Cuban sandwiches are here

Nothing goes to waste when we pay $1.69 a pound for ham. Here’s the recipe I use for Split Pea with Ham soup. This soup freezes well in case you want to make a double batch.

Until next time, be safe and be well and have a lovely weekend!