Easter Brunch and Dinner Ideas!

Easter Brunch

Eggs Benedict- Hollandaise Sauce recipe
Strawberry Crème Crepes
Bacon & Sausage
Toast Points
Red Zinger Tea & Coffee

This is what we are doing after brunch. We’re dropping DIY seed bombs -Thanks for showing us how HGTV!
HGTV Video


the recipe for the Strawberry Crème Crepes is here

Sunday Dinner

Baked Ham
Savory Potatoes
Roasted Brussels Sprouts
Parker House Rolls
Banana Pudding
Cherry Cheesecake

Well friends, Easter is almost upon us. This year is hopping along fast (pun intended). Every year I make Easter dinner for some very close friends whom we consider family members. We also have friends through our work that may not have plans that we give an invitation to. I decided to add an Easter brunch this year because two of our guests will be either staying with us or staying very near us starting the Friday of Easter Sunday weekend. There will be Easter egg hunts, good food, laughter, and, as always, a good time will be had by all. All of my Easter/Spring décor is out, and the dishes I am going to use are ready to be washed up. As far as my dinner table goes, it will be my nice set of white china and a large bouquet of tulips. I don’t do tablescapes; they’re much too pretentious for our crowd. I’m with Ina Garten: a simple vase of flowers is just perfect for a centerpiece. For big gatherings, I use kraft paper for the tablecloth and provide little containers of colored crayons or pencils. People love to doodle, especially kids, and it becomes a real conversation piece when the meal is finished. This is a perfect way to cherish the memories made. So, do you fix a traditional ham dinner or something else?


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