New Year, Clean Slate & What’s New?

These are just a few of the comments I received in my email over the last two and a half months. I am overwhelmed with gratitude. At a time when “get organized” feels like it is so overstated, the latest buzzword or trend, on everyone’s mind and, quite frankly, many social media posts, I feel very thankful that so many took the time to buy my guide, try some of my suggestions, and take the time to email me their comments. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I’m so organized this year!

Taxes done!

I wish I’d downloaded this sooner.

It’s easy and basic but loaded with tips.

I love it. I bought one for my sister too!

This guide is loaded with good information and inspiration.

Thank you.

The best $5.00 I’ve ever spent

Let me say first that I am not one for self-help books, guides, planners, or blog posts about organizing. I agree that most give you a basic outline to follow, and if you do, you can work yourself from total chaos to some form of order. Often, though, the things taught just don’t catch on in your lifestyle, and you’re back to square one next year. My guide is different in that there are no shiny bells and whistles because almost all of it is just easy, common-sense shortcuts to less clutter, chaos, and disorganized living. I would have gladly given the guide away this time, as I did with my first guide, but I spent a lot of time on this one and wanted to get something back for my time. By paying $5.00, you will can receive the personal touch of being able to reach out to me with a question, ask my opinion on a project, share ideas and get feedback, and the best part, I can and will cheer you on!

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Until next time, be safe and be well!