An Old-Fashioned Christmas

This year we’re going back a few years in how we’re celebrating and putting tradition and old-fashioned Christmas vibes back into our holidays.

If you’ve ever watched Little House on the Prairie’s Christmas movies, you’ll know exactly what I mean.

No commercialism, no links, no need for inspiration from the internet–just love for my husband, friends, and those close to us. That’s all I need to be able to find or make what I think they’ll treasure and love and know that my heart went into the gift and not just what’s in my pocketbook!

Having said that, Christmas is still different, hard in fact, for many people this year. For those that have lost someone this past year, those suffering from illness, those who may need to stay quarantined, or close to home, and those like us that usually spend the holidays with close friends, whom this year are keeping to themselves. We can respect that as neither of us like being sick and fortunately have spent so many years healthy and without sickness–we’re kind of spoiled. When I was ill March 2020, honestly, I was freaked out more than sick because I hadn’t been sick in so long. Neither my hubby or I want to be sick with anything this winter–so we’ll stay close to home and have a cozy, old-fashioned time of it. Christmas is our favorite time of the year.🎄


This year’s activities, though sparse, are still going to be fun. First, we are going to be traveling about an hour away and touring the rotary lights and savoring hot cocoa on one of our first winter night time excursions of the year. Second, we are going to be touring a Victorian mansion that is all decked out for the holidays and buying local homemade goodies. Lastly we are hoping for snow (the light dusting kind), so that we can stroll the beautiful downtown area of Baraboo, WI and look in all the old-fashioned shops/bookstores, flower shops and stop for coffee at a local bistro.

Our indoor activities include a long list of holiday favorites in games, music, and movies. Of course we love to decorate and this year is no exception. Our only theme this year is to enjoy a little of this and that and not let the internet determine when we decorate, how we decorate, or when we have to take everything down. So, basically, the same as last year and the year before etc. etc. Our tree has all our favorite ornaments on it and none of it matches lol. We’re fine with that as many ornaments made their first appearance in years because I always wanted matchy-matchy.  From here on out that’s the way it’s going to be–because we have a lot of ornaments and I love seeing them all together on our tree. For the first time in years we both feel relaxed, laid back, and at peace with not having everything perfect.


I hope wherever you are and whatever you do or don’t do during the holidays you are safe and well.

Until next time, I’ll end this post by wishing you and yours many, many blessings and good health.