Rest–a very underrated activity.  When was the last time you took a nap?

Nap facts:

  • Naps 20-30 minutes in duration are the most beneficial
  • Napping can help lower your blood pressure
  • Napping can later help you to fall asleep and stay asleep
  • Napping can help you be more alert and less stressed

Meditation helps with being more:

  • Mindful
  • Focused
  • Present
  • Aware

Looking Ahead:

I’m not sure Black Friday is even a thing anymore? There are several times a year that deals are available from all the big box retailers. Most of our shopping is done long before November, and this year and last we’ve purchased most gifts from local small businesses. I know not everyone can do this, but when you can it really is a special moment created for both you and for the small business owner.

Shopping days until Christmas- 71

None of us know what to expect in the coming months–what we do know is that the past nineteen months have been incredibly difficult on all of us. My husband and I are doing things different this year in that we are not necessarily shopping for gifts but rather creating gifts and considering doing things like buying a fall photography session next fall; we would like a professional photo taken, museum tickets or the opera next year (something we haven’t done in several years), and other “experience” type of gifts vs. material items that we can buy any time. The holidays for us this year are going to be very intentional, they will also include whatever we can do for our community at this time, and lots of time together at home creating lasting memories. Whatever it will be for us, I hope it will be safe, blessed, and full of love and comfort for you.


Until next time, be well and be safe.