What I Ate This Summer

Every week for 16 weeks we’ve spent $35.00 on locally grown produce. That’s $560 worth of fruits and veggies since Mid- May.

We’ve consumed:

16# of tomatoes

22# of green beans

100 ears of sweet corn

50# of zucchini

#12 pears

2 bushels of peaches

1 bushel of Macintosh apples

40 heads of green lettuce

12 heads of red lettuce

9 bunches of green onions

6 bunches of beets

2 Bok Choy

4 leeks

28# and counting of carrots

100# acorn squash

10 cantaloupe

3 watermelon

15 pints of strawberries

7 pints of raspberries

25# of peppers

5 bunches of kale

3 bunches of swiss chard

more bunches of spinach than I can calculate.

What we’ve consumed is essentially an investment in more ways than one. We’ve solidly made an investment in our health. What we’ve eaten all spring and summer long is what is in our medicine cabinet. It is our belief we are living our best life eating this way and helping to keep ourselves healthy–hoping to avoid health problems of any kind. We also believe in and support the farmer’s that have grown this food. People may think me crazy, but I would spent my last dime on locally grown produce. Twenty five years ago we ate zero fresh produce, including the stuff sold in grocery stores. Seventeen years ago, I changed our way of life by deciding that nutrition and a healthy lifestyle were going to be our top priority. With limited funds I joined a CSA and drove 2 hours round trip to pick up a box of organic produce every week. This was the beginning of our journey and for years, whether it was convenient for us or not, we traveled all over our local area buying produce. I went from having tasted 8 different vegetables in my life to now 35. We no longer drive hours to find our food because truthfully that just isn’t a sustainable way to live. It’s 2021 and the majority of what we spend our grocery budget on is fresh produce. I do feel very privileged, that despite the travel and time and prep work involved, we’ve found farmer’s that grow and sell their produce to us.

Until next time,🐝well and🐝safe.