Late Summer Days

The last days of summer are here and we’re feeling it in Wisconsin. I believe I was spot on when I said fall is going to come three weeks early this year. We took a long walk this past weekend and noticed almost everything had died–milkweed, long grasses, and even a good deal of goldenrod. The temperatures have been all over this summer. There are some trees turning just a few miles from here, but peak fall color isn’t going to be here until the first week or so of October. I spend a lot of time on the weekends buying produce and cleaning it, blanching it, and freezing it. So far I have squash, green beans, Roma tomatoes, Sungold tomatoes, sweet corn, zucchini, and pumpkin in the freezer for winter eating. Canning tomato juice, trying brownie and madeleine cookie recipes out for holiday baking, sunflowers, goldenrod, glads, and brown-eyed Susans. These are the type of things I enjoy doing/taking photos of every end of August.

Lately hubby and I have been working a lot of overtime. Just like so many other things in life–our work has been overwhelming for almost two years now. Unfortunately the community we live in is mostly not vaccinated. While that may not have been my business or concern most of my life, it is now. Because, the county I live in is worse this year at this time then it was last year. Slowly, but surely the counts are ticking up and outbreaks being reported in local news, and soon no doubt more restrictions. Hubby is back to wearing his mask due to several co-workers having already missed work due to being ill with the variant. One co-worker’s wife, just 47 years old, passed away last week. All this to say it makes the hours long at both of our jobs due to call-ins and lengthy illnesses/hospital stays, even deaths.

For those wondering if we are still planning to travel to France for our anniversary. Unfortunately we are not going to be able to do that this year. Even if Covid/variant were a thing of the past, my husband’s employer really needs him to continue to work overtime at least until the end of October. Our trip was scheduled for mid-Oct and with things the way they are here and in France there is no way we could travel out of the country right now. The reason we were going to travel this year vs. when our 30th anniversary is was because at that time in the future, God willing, we will be moving into our forever home. It will be a lot harder to travel somewhere and stay two weeks when we’ve got a new home to take care of. Thankfully we work with a wonderful travel agent who was able to get refunds for all of our deposits. We will tentatively plan another trip for sometime in 2022.

This is the cover for my new guide that is set to be released sometime in September. I had originally wanted to release in it May when it was a simple living/organization guide. But, I had a few messages recently about stocking up the pantry and decided to go ahead and include that kind of information instead of organizational information. It is definitely a topic that is in demand, and for obvious reasons. Adding this additional information has caused a delay, but it will be done in September.

It’s fall cleaning time around here at the weekend with carpet shampooing, paint touch-ups, deck staining, and getting fall/winter clothing checked, laundered, and ready to go. Temperatures for the next few day are in the 70’s. Fall plans include a tour in a haunted mansion, apple orchard tours, last of summer bbqing, fall hiking, and decorating soon for one of my favorite times of the year–Halloween 🎃 🦇 🕷 🕸 👿

Happy September 💙