Spring Garden Plans

Spring garden plans started with growing some cat grass for Gabe and some micro-greens for us. Both were started from seed in February, ready two weeks later, and I know we loved our micro-greens. Gabe’s cat grass, well meh! He wasn’t very impressed. I had purchased a couple of seed kits from Walmart–a basil kit and a lavender kit just for fun and they were both a fail–seeds never germinated.

This year my container gardening is going to be a bit different and I am so excited to get it going. Usually I go out and buy $150.00 worth of plants, seeds, or bulbs and go from there. My focus all season is on production–blooms, tomatoes, regrowth and so on. I battle every year heat 90-110 degree on our deck, bees (wasps not honey), and mosquitos, gnats, and of course blight. There is always, no matter how hard I try, over-watering, under-watering, and not having the right nutrients in the soil. It is very hard, at least for me, to get my garden done correctly. I can’t compost in the way that would be necessary or advantageous where we live. No matter what types of sunshades I buy they usually blow over or blow away. Almost every plant I’ve grown has early afternoon wilt–having had something wrong when I purchased it, the dirt is all wrong for the plant, the plant was watered irregularly wherever I bought it? and I have purchased plants from all over, or I replant and amend and it still wilts–which of course leads to over-watering.

It’s a battle and one I’ve undertaken every year for the last 11 years. Not this year! This year the focus will be on the gardener and my learning to enjoy the process of being a gardener, reading, researching, trying things, but not overdoing anything and not expecting anything except to learn a few things. So, I’ve purchased two David Austin roses which will be here in May. I’ve purchased four peony bushes which I have planted–I’m not sure if I’ll see anything from them this year? That’s fine. I will also have a few of my regular tried and true plants that are usually quite easy for me to take care of–rosemary, oregano, peppermint, thyme, and echinacea. For fun my usual 3-4 geraniums. That’s it!

In 1996 I took a class via the extension office to become a master gardener. I had zero clue what that meant, but we had a 1/2 acre of land and we wanted to plant a garden, but weren’t quite sure how to do it right. We would be battling with soil that had been depleted by corn crops, was partially clay, and flooded regularly. Well, I didn’t learn how to grow a garden that year, instead I learned how to work with others and plant sustainable gardens in a public park and also a lovely garden at a historical site. I never did manage to plant a thriving vegetable garden, but on my own I learned how to grow/transplant strawberries and also how to grow every herb one could imagine successfully. Now for several years I’ve tried to grow beefsteak tomatoes to no avail. That said I have grown some lovely cherry and tomato paste tomatoes over the years, yet not without their frustrating challenges.

Other News:

A month ago, I stubbed my toe and it turned out I broke/cracked a bone on the side of my foot. Every time something like this happens I scream about not having time for things like this. Thankfully, I healed fast and the soreness and bruising was gone in 3 days and miraculously I was out shopping by that weekend. Prayers answered because at this time of year –tax season, spring planting, spring cleaning, and gearing up for summer, I have absolutely no time to sit around and do nothing. Of course my foot wouldn’t stop me from tax work, but for the three days my foot throbbed it did distract me at times. Then I would take a short break, apply ice, and drink a nice hot cup of coffee and then back to work I’d go..

I have a lot of book reviews to get in this time of year as well. I was recently part of a book launch with Ina Garten–for Erin French’s new book– Finding Freedom: A Cook’s Story ; remaking a life from scratch. This is such a great book and Erin’s show on Discovery Plus was so good too! I was really excited to be a part of this awesome book launch.

A peek at a corner of my bookshelf:

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Have a wonderful weekend and I’ll see you back here soon–be safe and be well! 🐝