Subscriptions/One-time Pay Content

Something new that I’ve been working on for my blog is content that is private that a reader can pay for and a downloadable guide to an organized life. The first thing ready to go is my personal blog! My organizing guide will be available for a one-time download starting May 1st.

I’ve recently created a blog about my life and years long healing process that contains the following topics:

childhood trauma, sexual abuse, rape, abuse/neglect, family estrangement, health issues, miscarriages, alcoholism, drug addiction, living on the streets (how I survived two years of homelessness) domestic abuse, my recovery, living sober, surviving then thriving, college after 40, and the overall repair of my life and mental/physical health.

With a one-year subscription you will get access to all the blog posts that I create in a year with the year starting at the time you begin your subscription. Currently I have 3 lengthy posts made and I anticipate I will have 9 more written this year and then after this year I anticipate there to be several more. Again, your subscription starts the day you subscribe and runs 12 months with at least 9 more posts to be written. Once you have paid I will send you the link/password for my personal blog. Please allow 1-2 hours after payment for me to get the notice regarding your subscription. Thank you! E M A I L M E

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