Sneak Peek –Simple Living & Organized Guide


What’s in it? Organizational tips for months Jan-Dec for your home and home office.

Why do you need it? This easy to reference organizational guide helps you build a system in your home that keeps on giving. Once you have some of my tips in place you will not have to revisit those steps again unless something changes in your household.

Will I have to buy a bunch of new things to make all you are offering work? Absolutely not. You won’t need to buy anything. Every year I buy a simple planner and always use pen and paper or my phone to store lists, plans, tips, my calendar etc. on. I operate and stay organized daily from a desktop calendar, planner, and phone. If you don’t have the items in the tips I mention, I have included suggested resources below each month. They’re just suggestions–buy whatever is best for you.

And yes, I really do use shoe boxes. This may seem strange, but it works so well. All in one place and nothing gets lost. That’s the most important thing. Make it something convenient and easy and you will use it every day. Coming May 2021 for $5.00 a download.

Daylight Savings?

Are you fond of an hour less sleep for hours longer daylight or no?

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Have a fabulous weekend!

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