I’ve changed my blog name four times in thirteen years for various reasons. When I started blogging I blogged about food, diet changes, and lifestyle changes. I called my blog feast, then finn–I wanted fin but it was taken for the end of my blogging, and then I decided to stay so I called it Midwest Journal of Common Sense Living—a title way too long for what I’m doing here, and now Tend.
Because that’s what I do every day of my life all the time. I tend to my household, gardening, plants, hamster, husband, cat, self, bills, car maintenance, finances, health, and investments. I work full-time. Occasionally I go for walks, take photographs, read books, watch movies, write blog posts and review books. When I can and as much as I can– I try to cultivate a healthy, healing, and peaceful environment in our home and within the inhabitants of said home.
This blog shares some of the ways I’ve been successful in changing my (our) lifestyle, healing, and living my (our) best life. I hope to add much more to my blog in 2021. Thank you for stopping by.
In case you’re wondering–I don’t have comments open on my blog posts because I am only on my blog writing 1-2 times a month. I do not have a block of time in my schedule to address comments (sorry) thus it’s easier and more efficient to have you send me an email with your comment, opinion, or question as I monitor my email accounts daily. I’ve always done things this way with my blogs (they’re for fun/not for income) and it has worked marvelously for years

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