For the love of sheep!

My Grandmother Lyla (the baby in the photo) collected Hummel figurines. I didn’t know this until long after she had passed and I found long lost family members in the country of my birth.

or lamb as is so beautifully crafted in this Hummel figurine of The Lost Sheep.

For about twenty three years, I’ve been decorating the places we’ve lived in with pastoral (country) decor. I started with Billy Jacobs art and along the way have bought many pieces as well as so much that reflects the life I lived as a kid along with country setting/ farm decor items that helped me through severe depression and have so beautifully collected over the years of my life. Each item carefully curated for a look and feel of country life. Apart from all the other things in my life besides faith, my husband and the life we’ve built, country living–farm/rural life, relationships with farmers, living in farm country, and the countless hours I’ve spent learning about farming—something I will never do, has kept me sane and sober and the closest to myself, my true self, that I’ll ever be.

When I was given this Hummel figurine I was told it was fitting for me–The Lost Sheep. I had searched and searched for over half my life for family (my Dad’s side) and finally I had accomplished that. I was fortunate to have found them so long ago–had it taken longer there would have been no one left living to send me my keepsake. To receive something from a grandmother, that had not seen me since I was four years old and who had passed away some years ago, was surreal. I treasure my figurine as I’m sure all her granddaughters do and I’m guessing she would be thrilled to know the story of how mine in hand came to be.

It’s funny when we look back at the things that have made us happy in our lives and realize how simple so many of those things were. I wish for all my followers and friends a better, happier, and safer 2021.

Let us all look within our lives for things that truly bring us joy and be grateful of the little things that have come into our lives along the way…