Hello February!

Christmas is over and so is New Year’s and we’re already into the first week of February.

Enjoy your February friends–go out and buy yourself some flowers, send little v-day cards to friends virtually or sit down and write out the real kind. I went out and bought a valentines box because I couldn’t find a shoe box to decorate and my husband and I are sending each other valentines day cards in it several times a week. This wonderful day, which by the way happens to be one of my favorite days of the year, doesn’t need to be commercialized. Also, you don’t need a significant other to enjoy it. Friends give friends cards, greetings, conversational candy, even food. I buy single friends foodie gadgets for valentines day. Everyone loves something new for the kitchen, right? Make a heart-shaped pizza like I do, draw flowers–they’re fun to draw, plant some early garden seeds, and above all celebrate hearts, the color pink, pre-spring everything, and show others, including your sweetie if you have one, that you love them extra special today! 💗💗