Fail-Proof Goal Setting

There are four types of goals/resolutions people make every year in January–

Financial goals

  1. save money
  2. spend less
  3. trim expenses
  4. get rid of (fill in the blank)
  5. start a retirement fund
  6. pay off debt
  7. work on paying off debt
  8. don’t incur any further debt

Health goals

  1. lose weight
  2. get healthy
  3. join a gym
  4. try a new diet
  5. change lifestyle/habits
  6. start counseling
  7. quit drinking
  8. quit smoking

Home Goals

  1. buy a new home
  2. sell your home
  3. save for a home
  4. fix current home

Work related goals

  1. promotion
  2. project completion
  3. goals associated with boss/colleagues
  4. make more money
  5. change job
  6. quit job

These are not comprehensive lists, but they are some of the top goals and resolutions under the headings-financial, health, home, and work.

Success at any one of them means picking 1-2 from each category and deciding short term or long term?

Here’s mine:

Financial–my #1 goal is to work on paying off debt. It’s a long term goal(greater than a year) because it will take longer than one year. My hope is that in 2 years we will have paid off all outstanding debt. My #2 goal is to trim expenses. This is a short term goal (less than one year) and my trimming started the last quarter of this year and by January the fixed bills that can be trimmed–different phone plan, any type of refinancing, subscriptions, basic plans, and fees all looked at and trimmed. We haven’t had cable television—even basic channels for years so that’s not an issue for us.

Health– special diet: increase vegetables (even ones I don’t like), more fiber, more cardio exercise.

Home- buy less of everything for the home (see financial goals).

Work– commute less, remote work the same or more, continue selling online (preparing for move, lightening the load), take a vacation.

So, my financial goal of paying down debt is really my only long-term goal. As we get closer to the 2-year mark I will have to re-evaluate whether 2 years is enough. Instead of throwing my hands up and saying “I failed.” I will reevaluate. Things like job loss, pandemic, shortened hours, fixed bills increase, health issue, and many more things could get in the way of succeeding at this goal in 2 short years. I set 2 years for this goal because it is attainable after doing the math, but one should always, always have a plan b in place.

I like my special diet so I am going to stick with it. If I didn’t then that goal would be considered unreasonable and there is every possibility I would fail by self-sabotage. There are many vegetables I don’t like–notice I didn’t mention them. So I know I will eat by choice a few I don’t like, but I will eat them because I have to increase my fiber. Hence, I should be able to succeed with this goal. Notice too, I did not put down lose weight or how much–I think as far as that goal goes one should shoot for being more mobile–eating healthier, and see what results come from doing those two things. So many people self-sabotage with weight loss…

As far as work goes it is possible for me to work from home, I’ve just always commuted at times. I can and should choose full remote work. Besides working as an accountant, I’m also back to selling things online. I know nothing will stop me from selling online as long as the venue is available for me to sell from–so I will continue selling as long as it stays profitable for me. By selling stuff we no longer need or use we are reducing the amount of stuff we will have to pack up when we move. By limiting what we bring into the house in 2021 we also do that and we assist our financial goals of paying down debt.

That’s it. The secret to fail-proof goal setting is to make realistic goals/resolutions that are short term or long term, adjust the terms as needed, and don’t look for ways out of them, but rather ways you can adjust/reset them to complete them/succeed at them/meet them.

2020 Goals Set/Met

  1. spend less time on social media
  2. unsubscribe from blogs/social media accounts that are advertisements, spam, dead, or dollar store adverts. Most of the blogs I’ve been following died last year –which is kind of sad. On a positive note, I successfully unsubscribed from a couple who spammed me twice a week with “newsletters (ads ).”
  3. rest
  4. save money
  5. stay on budget
  6. spend less
  7. read more

2020 Goals Postponed

  1. relocate

Happy New Year to All!! and Happy, Healthy Goal-setting too!