Family photo time at Christmas goes something like this..

Outtake #1

We saved a bit of money when we could all year and then in November donated it to a local drive to buy local children gifts. As we all know–it’s been a hard year. Every child should have at least one gift under the tree at Christmas. We were o.k. with not having gifts because thus far our health and being together is gift enough. That said hubby’s employer gave him a gift card and he turned around and bought me these lovely items:

Audrey Hepburn movies, RBG movie, British series, The Secret DVD, cookbook, Chef memoir, Howard’s End, a planner, a shirt from Old Navy, and a memoir about living in France. Between sales, discounts, coupons, and careful planning it all cost just under $50.00 so I was able to buy him a few things to open on Christmas morning plus a toy and kitty treat for Gabriel. Christmas really isn’t about the gifts for us as we buy things all year long–though this year, not so much. It was nice though to buy the gifts and surprise one another and have something new to look forward to reading/watching on our break.

And just to be clear so none of my friends/followers are worried–we could have bought Christmas gifts for each other after donating the money we budgeted. We are very grateful, that although this year has been hard in many ways, we were blessed with being able to save money for gifts that we were more than happy to donate for children’s toys/gifts. Many, many people have gone through their savings and our prayers are with them and everyone having a difficult time this year ❤️.

I’ll try to find another outtake for my last post of the year. I think there were 5 before we were able to take a picture with a cooperating kitty!!

Until next time, be safe.