Christmas is almost here and then..the end of another year. I wrote a blog post in January 2020 about needing to reset my life, but never ever would I have thought we would all experience a pandemic and quite literally have one of the greatest resets, not to mention tragedies, of our lives. Instead of starting a new hobby this past summer, I learned how to be extra resourceful in finding fresh produce. This past March I learned how to let go a little bit and let someone “pick” my shopping items as we learned to embrace grocery pickups.

Instead of traveling and seeing new things, I got used to being around the same old things every day and found comfort. I learned to get by on less money and sometimes eat certain food (yogurt) right on its expiration date. Food, toiletries, soda–everything really, was hard to come by. Shipping delays, lost packages, tears, canned responses from companies, constantly discovering companies and people who were not dependable or responsible when the chips were down–having to say goodbye to some and hello to others. Learning how to deal with what was available vs. what we wanted, being scared every day one of us would get sick, end up in the hospital alone, worse die, and realistically, because this isn’t over, learning to deal with it because it is still a part of our day to day reality.

In and among all of the fear, resourcefulness, getting used to’s, I finally quit drinking soda and for the first time in my life confronted and began a journey to rid my life of sugar.

I watched the news until I couldn’t anymore, found time to review 20 books for authors, learned how to watercolor, stay home, be intentional in everything I was doing, appreciate more, be less selfish and more thankful for good health, finally be at peace with my past, be a little more kind, open-minded, educated, and patient.

I learned that I took a lot for granted in life. I learned that not even a pandemic will change some people for the better–in fact, unfortunately, I’ve witnessed the exact opposite. I’ve felt joy at times even though other times have been the absolute worst of my life. I’ve worried about people that are perfect strangers to me and learned to give grace to others as they began to crack under the strain. I’ve prayed a lot, worn a mask since March, worried every day, and relearned worrying all the time will not change the outcome. No matter what!

I have grown.

What does any of what has happened this year have to do with joy? Despite the worst, I have found joy, Christmas spirit, a sense of freedom from long-time concerns, a sense of urgency over others, focus, and a renewed sense of purpose in this year, the year of the pandemic, 2020.

Even though it has always been possible that any of us could die any day at any time–never has anything in my life proven that fact more to me than the last 2 years and Covid-19.

There’s no time to waste. Like we’ve all probably known all of our lives–life here is fleeting. One minute your 16 learning to drive a car and the next, like a blink of an eye, you qualify for a senior discount at your local fast food. What will the new year bring? I honestly don’t know. But for all mankind, I hope some level of stability, a sense of hope, better health, and togetherness. And if that’s not all possible then I hope love, understanding, and faith that a day will come when things, though different, will return back to some form of normality and also include a better and more kind world to live in.

As far as me, my husband, and I, my blog, Covid-19 brought us back from moving to Canada to staying right here. I am optimistic about the future and truly believe things will get better in 2021. I don’t know if blogging will continue to be a thing online. I am a writer, I write–this is my journal. It’s been a long time since I saw a blog like mine. Mostly due to the fact, my blog was created to act as a journal and my blog is free (nothing fancy). Blogging nowadays is all about affiliates and advertising and trying to make a living from it. Hence, 90% of the blogs I have clicked on are all ads, links$, and someone encouraging you to buy something. Now more than ever people are working from home and for some blogging is their income. I get it. I enjoy blogging so I believe I will always blog. If I had to pay for my blog or support myself on what I think I’m capable of making off my blog, I have no clue what kind of content I would create, but I know my heart wouldn’t be in it. So, for now, I’m just happy blogging about my journey and ever thankful for the best gift I could ever ask for–my health, my husband’s good health, and the ability to not have to struggle to create an income as a content creator.

My Christmas wish for all of you is that somehow someway you have found something at year’s end that you’re holding onto for dear life and found a greater appreciation for. May everything that you wish for and want find a way to you and good health and happiness always.