Healthy Food for Christmas Morning

I know, I know, supposedly healthy food and Christmas don’t go together–but Christmas doesn’t have to be a time where whatever you do during the holidays, you pay for in the new year. Right?

I start planning my new year mid-summer of the current year–that means our finances, budget, holidays, vacation, and so on. I used to start all of that in January just like everyone else. But, planning things out during summer breaks, or vacations, or downtime is so much easier than trying to get it all together right after the holidays. I don’t have the time or money for gyms–so that’s why several years ago now, I changed everything up. Good healthy eating plus a treat or two during the holidays and I’ll be off and running come 2021! I’ve tried all four of the recipe links provided and yum–you will thank me come the new year. There’s something for everyone– make-ahead, gluten-free, and vegetarian, and non-vegetarian too.

& a healthy vegetarian gluten-free make ahead breakfast casserole here–

I make a version of this one every year—

p.s. I love Sally’s site! It’s my go to for many recipes. ❤️