Parker House Rolls

Parker House rolls are a staple in our home. If you follow me on IG you’ll see that a lot of our holiday meals feature them. This year, at least in that respect, nothing has changed.

parker house rolls


Here  is a great recipe that I found that I’m trying this year.

I read the Food Network magazine quite a bit and found a great recipe by Alex Guarnaschelli. I’ll be making enough for Thanksgiving that I’ll be able to freeze some for Christmas. The day after Thanksgiving we fix turkey sandwiches with them and the day after Christmas, ham. 

A question I was recently asked was “what inspires some of my content?” Well, several years ago I began researching where my food comes from. Through that research I became very interested in some of the “ingredients”-additives, preservatives in the food my husband and I were eating. From there I was inspired to gradually change our diet to an organic diet.  Of the many topics I’ve written about, food safety is my favorite. Many years ago now when blogging was brand new for me (1998 Open Diary & Live Journal) I created my first blog. I never knew what to write about consistently. Eventually I stopped writing on it altogether. I guess mainly because I didn’t think I had anything interesting enough to write about that someone would spend the time to read. I still think that at times but I’ve kept this blog going since 2008 because in doing so I learn to research better, write better, and communicate better.

I’ve noticed a lot of blogs out there whose content is advertising something, or promoting someone else’s blog to get them to promote yours, challenges and so on. The drive behind most of it views–to qualify for affiliate programs, and advertise some more. As much as I understand that and know many people who do this–very few to almost rare ever make a solid income from it unless they are doing it all the time M-Sun (at least in the beginning) and making many sacrifices. I think that is great but I have a full-time + job and it’s not something I have ever had the desire or the time to do.

If I write it and you like it, I’m happy about it. I guess what I am trying to say is–I write because I am compelled to write and this blog contains some of my writing. I create blog posts because I want to and enjoy blogging. Money, believe it or not, or accolades, or demands would ruin the very nature of what inspires me to write. If that makes sense? If you show up you will read content I have worked hard on that I hope you can take something away from. If not I hope you’ll stop back another time. 

I follow a lot of really good blogs, full of substance, creativity and hard work. I hope each time I make a post to be half as good as the ones I read. I hope you will try the Parker House rolls, you will love them and I’m certain you will make them a family tradition. Until next time, stay warm, stay safe and have a great week!