Turkey Gravy

Over the years I have perfected two things thanksgiving dinner related- the turkey and the turkey gravy. The only thing about my thanksgiving meal that never turns out is the stuffing. So this year a friend of ours is making it and delivering it to our doorstep.

My tried and true recipe for gravy is here . You can make gravy with flour, cornstarch, or a one of my favorite cornstarch substitutes —arrowroot. Besides being a simple recipe, it is simply delicious and your people will thank you. As far as tips on how to make a great turkey? I’ll share mine—frozen or fresh begin the process of roasting a turkey by buying one that fits your family’s needs (meal and leftovers)–for just the two of us we usually buy a 22-25# turkey because we always share our meal with at least two friends (3 this year) and want leftovers. If your turkey is frozen start the defrosting process of four full days in the refrigerator for a 20# turkey. One of my biggest tips is to make sure you butter your turkey breast well and cover with cheesecloth soaked in butter–(in Martha’s video). This has ensured us every year of a well-cooked moist and delicious turkey. Here are some links/video on Perfect Roast Turkey and Classic Brined and Roast Turkey both by the woman who taught me how to cook—Martha Stewart.

It’s been a busy two weeks here in our home. I started my eBay store back up a few weeks ago and I’ve been selling quite a bit. I love selling things online. I started selling in 2000, shortly after buying my first computer, and have loved doing it so much, I honestly don’t think I will ever stop. Selling things online has saved me so many times whether my sanity, our finances, and of course my once upon a time- stay at home loneliness back in 2003 (so many years ago now). I have learned so many things from doing it and met so many incredibly wonderful people. Right now we are de-cluttering for our impending move–as soon as Covid 19 allows all of us the freedom to do certain things like–relocating. I’m trying to make that move a lot lighter and so far–it’s working!

Thanksgiving this year will be for us a meal as it is every year that I spend extra time on and share with friends. I have already ordered our turkey from the farm we buy it from and have planned the menu for the day. We view Thanksgiving as a way to give thanks to farmers and the land for providing us with food to eat. We personally give a special blessing to our local farmers from whom we buy food all year round from including our turkey each year. This year we’ll enjoy locally grown potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, turkey, Brussels sprouts, homemade stuffing, gravy, Parker house rolls, and pie. We’ve always shared our meal with friends, but because this year some of us have essential workers in our home, we will be boxing up and dropping off meals to three friends. Our movie for this year is one we watch about every two years–we have several to choose from–“Home for the Holidays” with Holly Hunter, Anne Bancroft, and Robert Downey Jr. Thanks to Zoom we will see each other as we enjoy our meal/movie and someday soon hug one another and celebrate being friends in person once again. We are ever so grateful for what we have. We’ll also include a special blessing this year for all throughout the world who have lost someone to Covid 19 and pray for healing for all.

Here are some guidelines for preparing and sharing food during a pandemic.


Here’s wishing all who are following my blog from the U.S. and celebrating Thanksgiving Day a happy and safe day. I’m also sending a hello! and prayers out to all my followers/readers in the 37 different countries that have found me. Virtual hugs to all. Stay safe and be well friends.