Pear Tart

My husband and I have eaten a lot of pears lately. Pears and apples abound around here folks. We went on that last run for the last of the freshly picked apples and pears at Bauer’s Marketplace and bought a ton. No, not really a ton. We actually bought a large box of pears- 64 total, and 30 # of Macintosh apples. I’m a big lover of fruit. Once upon a time when the food chart was a big thing people had guidelines by which to eat from the four food groups. I believe ideally adults were supposed to eat three to five fruits a day and something like 3-4 veggies. I tried hard to imagine what this would be like many times over the years and never came close. Then about seven or eight years ago I suddenly had a craving for fruit in my life and began eating fruit like crazy.

Every day I eat one to two bananas, and starting with spring/summer I add in raspberries, strawberries, blackberries. I buy quite a bit of frozen fruit too, to make fruit smoothies out of when I cannot use fresh fruit. I love pineapple, blueberries, peaches, melon of any kind, and apples. In the fall I buy cherries, figs, pears and apples. I get my daily five by eating two bananas, a fruit smoothie- two fruits/sometimes three (bananas, strawberries and mango). And every day without fail I eat at least one tomato sliced with a meal, one apple usually as an afternoon snack and 3-4 prunes with breakfast. I also use fruit in fruit salads, fruit pies and tarts for desserts.  My favorite of fruits is the tomato and a close second is peaches. Although I love oranges I am not able to eat oranges anymore for some reason?

One of the things I should caution you with is that when you eat as much produce as my husband and I do you need to really stay on top of things. As you well know and have probably experienced fruits and vegetables spoil fairly quickly especially if they are organic. Tomatoes are best when not refrigerated as are zucchini and cucumbers. At any given time we have squash, bananas, tomatoes, cucumbers and apples on all our counters. Whenever we go to market we buy an abundance of everything because during the growing season produce is very affordable. Buying in abundance means eating in abundance most days. There are times I need to eat three tomatoes instead of one, or I need to bake up all the squash sitting around, or like this last weekend hubby and I needed to eat three pears a day to keep up with how fast the pears were ripening. Finally I decided to make a pear tart. Without further ado here is the recipe.


I’ll stop back later in the week with some photos of what I’ve been working on around the house and the fall garden. Have a great rest of your week!