Apple Fritter Bread


Every fall we make our pilgrimage to an area I used to live in and buy our mums, our apples and our apple fritter bread. We bring along a thermos of hot cocoa, a pat or two of fresh butter, and head up the hill in La Crescent, Mn for the views on Apple Blossom Scenic Drive. It never gets old and I’ve been doing this for the better part of almost 30 years.


Apple fritter bread is not hard to make, I found a recipe here that I’m going to try. But even when I try the recipe and I’m able to make my own fritter bread we’ll still make our annual trip to Bauer’s Marketplace for it. Heading out for the day in Minnesota is a tradition and my husband and I value traditional things and love creating new memories every year during this time.

Thanks everyone for the wonderful feedback regarding my posts about whole foods. It’s where my family and I are at right now. You know I started this journey twelve years ago now when I quit smoking. Once I detoxed myself from years of living like a rock star, I decided I only wanted to put organic food in my body. Boy was I in for a bumpy ride. Organic food in these parts weren’t to be found in the marketplace. Soon though things became easier until gluten started bothering me. So I tried gluten-free and then I tried foods that had 5 ingredients or less in them. Finally I chose to limit or eliminate all additives and preservatives and my gluten issue worked itself out. Probiotics and whole foods have helped me a lot with my food sensitivities.  Our diet today consists of mainly organic whole foods.  I am happy to share my experiences here on my blog about what whole foods mean in terms of meals and lifestyle.  Until next time!