Roasted Tomato & Basil Soup


Here’s the recipe I use for roasted tomato basil soup.

Fall is here, it’s soup season. Soup and homemade grilled cheese and ham sandwiches.

Here’s the site I use that lists all the great breads to use for a homemade grilled cheese and ham sandwich.

This week has been a bit overwhelming for me. I have things piling up at home, loads of work to do at work, family that wants my time, along with something going on every weekend until after Christmas (or just about). It’s times like these that I need to remember to eat well, make time for family all while doing my best at work. It’s tough friends, I can admit this. There are no doubt times in everyone’s life were everyone and everything is making a point to let you know- they need you right now. Work has a special project going on, the container garden needed to be cleaned up, windows needed to be cleaned before it gets too cold and my husband wanted to do something fun. He’s been having a hard time at work too. Everything all at once urgent. Thank God I am an organized person, because if everything was in chaos things would be so much worse. It’s about the only time I’m thankful for the extra time I often need to take to pull things together and be that super organized person.

Tomato soup has always made me feel good. My favorite sandwich is a ham and cheese sandwich, but I need really good bread when I make them.

And of course taking the time to blog always makes me feel less stressed and renews my spirit so that I can return to the rat race that life sometimes becomes.  Until next time- enjoy fall wherever you are!