Gluten-free lefse


Christmas baking has begun, it’s lefse making time. To be truly honest, I’ve made lefse in the summer too! ~I love lefse~ I grew up in a small town in the Midwest surrounded by Norwegians and lovely goodies like lefse, sandbakkelse, flatbread and rosettes served throughout the Christmas holidays. Although not Norwegian myself I first learned how to make these traditional Norwegian sweets around twelve years ago.  Even though I worked as a baker once upon a time and loved it, I am not a baker by nature but rather a cook. My husband is the baker in this household. So, in my book, we are a perfect team. We make lefse, sandbakkelse and rosettes together every November, and sometimes a small batch of flat bread too.  He’s not too keen on the flat bread, and really neither am I. But the lefse, well,  I make and even buy lefse throughout the year. Once made all you need is a good butter knife, butter, and sugar. You open up the lefse, because it is usually folded in quarters, spread soft creamery butter on it, sprinkle the sugar and roll it up.

Here’s the recipe I’ve used for the last few years due to my gluten issues- (Gluten free recipe)

Here’s the recipe I used to use pre- gluten issues-(this recipe is not Gluten free)

Until next time, take for besøket (thank you for visiting)