Sourcing organic whole foods

For my family, good food means organic food. Sourcing it has been a real challenge. Now that our CSA is done and the Dane County Farmer’s Market will move to the inside markets the challenge begins.

We have been working on sourcing our organic diet for years. Initially we had to order the quantity of food we needed and have it be delivered to a local grocery store from Organic Valley. The quantity for what we were looking to buy was not available locally. Organic Valley was our first experience in WI with organic food and beverage. To this day 60% of our organic diet is supplied by this company. We trust Organic Valley and we continue to use their products.

Organic Valley does carry produce throughout the summer but we have always enjoyed the trek to Dane County Farmer’s Market. With winter approaching we will again rely wholeheartedly on Whole Foods.

Last night our dinner meal was 100% organic purchased exclusively from Whole Foods. We enjoyed a roasted chicken(2.5#) costing us $9.50, organic potatoes, organic carrots (Harmony Farms) sold at WF in Madison, 365 organic gravy and organic custard made with Organic Valley Milk.

The wonderful thing about buying organic, besides- eat local & its good for you and the earth,  is that the vegetables cook in 1/2 the time of any of the non organic veggies. My guess is the non organic veggies are so preserved(waxing, cleaning, sprays) or old that they are much more dense and woody to cook quickly.

This can also be said about chickens. I cooked non organic chicken for almost 20 years in both gas and electric ovens. Most of the chickens ranged in wt 2-3.5# and on 375 degrees would take 2-3 hours. An organic chicken of the same weight at the same degree takes about 1 hr and 15 minutes.

If we were not willing to drive for two hours there would be no way for us to eat organic chicken. That is a definite shame.  We are committed so we bundle as many activities and errands in a day trip and off we go.

As far as organic vegetables go, without the DCFM, Willy’s Coop and Whole Foods we would not have enjoyed the last few years eating organic veggies.

None are sold locally or within a 40 miles radius either direction. Madison Wisconsin is our closest source.

Thank you Madison and thank you to all the farmer’s in the Madison area.










Our chicken looked like this. We ate 1/4 of it and froze, for sandwiches later, 3/4 of it. **Photo compliments of Whole Foods** we forgot to take a photo before we started carving. 🙂