Homemade Chicken Soup

This time of year is especially important to me, as it is when I am called upon to volunteer.  Although my husband and I are available throughout the year to volunteer, this time of year is very special to us. We started volunteering several years ago when we found ourselves without family to celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas. Over the years we’ve made ourselves available to cook, serve, put together care packages, deliver meals even hand out blankets and coats. Turns out we didn’t really need a reason to reach out and help people all those years ago. But we’re sure glad we did. Volunteering has been good for us. But having to balance work, full-time school, commutes, our household (including a pet with health problems) and volunteering takes some work. Organization is key along with nutrition, sleep, and overall good health.  Time and again I turn to homemade chicken soup as our go-to meal when we are busy and finding ourselves in need of a good hot, good for your health meal. Chicken soup really is good for the soul and I continuously tell people I believe it to be one of the reasons I haven’t been sick with a cold or sinus problem since 2006. I’ve tried several recipes for good soup but love Ina Garten’s recipe the best. I like everything Ina cooks and bakes, who am I kidding?

chicken soup


Chicken soup and volunteering, both good for the soul!