hot cocoa

Summer fun is soon coming to an end and I was reminded of one of the things I truly love about fall-homemade hot cocoa. Spring for me is like a promise, a promise of things to come. When summer comes along there is the hopes for this and the hopes for that. All too soon the realization becomes clear that there will be some things in life that will work out and others that just will not. Fall is like this for me. It’s the end of some hopes spawned early in spring and not seen through to fruition the summer long. Everything outside becomes crisp, orange and brown and the time arrives to put things to rest. To prepare for the end of the year, the season called winter. In all endings are beginnings to new and different ways of thinking about things. The seasons remind us that we need to keep moving forward, not back. This year has brought me closure for a couple of things long in need of closing and also the ability to know where to focus my attention and where not to.

This summer has been a good one filled with relaxing vacations, and many many projects that have been thankfully completed. The list was very long when we began, but, we are nearing the end of it and are so relieved.  Having recently acquired photos of family members, that I never knew existed, sent me in all directions trying to find the right frames to do them justice. This project took me most of the summer, but I am satisfied with the frames and I am so proud to hang them on our walls.  Painting projects took another couple of weekends, but alas, those are done too. We went here for an early June weekend getaway, loved it and would recommend it to anyone. We went here for a long weekend getaway and enjoyed the couples spa getaway and golf package.  Our vacation was one week in a cabin at a beach resort in Union Pier, Michigan and we LOVED it there. We are already making plans to go again next summer.

With fall fast approaching harvest time is upon us and putting up vegetables for this coming winter is what’s been going on these last two weekends or more. Actually whenever we have a free moment something is being processed and preserved.  Soon, very soon, school will start again for me and spare time will be little to none until May when I graduate.  Still on our list of things to do is a few more times hitting the golf course, a couple more bike rides and oh yes, drinking that delicious cup of hot cocoa I made before I began this post.  The recipe is here, enjoy!