If I can grow red juicy & delicious tomatoes, why can’t big corporations?


If I can grow 3 juicy tasty tomatoes on the north face upper level of my home, in a Rubbermaid container with organic potting soil, why can’t big corporations do the same? Until I grew my one pitiful tomato plant this summer, I hadn’t had a good tomato since the last time I harvested which was last summer around this time.

At best my plant got the sun some of the time, and a fair amount of water most days from either rain or condensation from our a/c that we catch in a pail on our deck. With a late summer and a lot of wind to deal with it was surely a surprise to me that it lived at all. I wish I had taken a picture of this sad little plant that tried so hard to produce fruit that its stalks and leaves withered down to nothing, yet, three beautiful tomatoes were produced for its efforts. I nearly cried each day as I watched the wonders of nature at play, right there on my deck in front of me. It should be said that I added absolutely no chemicals or fertilizers, not even miracle gro.

I’d like to say I won’t make attempts this fall or winter to find a good tomato to eat when the urge for a fresh couple of slices hit me. Unfortunately, I never find anything close to as good as the ones I can grow myself.

I long for an opportunity to grow all my own food. I look forward to the day that this will be possible for my husband and me.