Organic vs. Natural What does it mean?

Organic meat comes from animals whose bodies and food are never treated with pesticides, herbicides, antibiotic and hormones. Animals must have access to exercise, sunlight and time to graze in pastures rather than a feedlot.  The animals food must be certified organic with no genetic modifications or animal by-products.

Farmers that sell organic go through a stringent process of certification regularly. It is expensive. Farmers do this to provide people with  guaranteed organic food. Organic food has made a huge difference in my husband’s and my life.

Natural-This label is everywhere. Please DO NOT confuse it with organic. Natural means: contains no artificial ingredients or artificial coloring. When we use the term processed food, natural food is minimally processed. It is still processed food. Natural food and milk have no regulatory definitions-not certified.

Sources: USDA, FDA

Organic vs. Nat