Our latest organic bounty

A bumper to bumper commute 50+ miles yielded us this lovely bounty.


Head steamed for 30 minutes, done!




Steamed 22 minutes in my bamboo steamer.

We don’t add butter, cheese or spices to any of our organic veggies. Though we used to use plenty of  butter and spices we don’t need to anymore. We much prefer the actual real taste of our veggies now instead of trying to cover up the bitter taste of the non-organic ones.

Even if you can’t afford organic at least stay away from canned vegetables. They’ve been boiled or blanched so hard that the nutritional value has been washed down the sink. We stopped eating canned vegetables almost eight years ago. We then began buying frozen vegetables that were advertised as flash frozen as soon as they are picked. We steam most of our vegetables including the frozen ones.



These lovely yellow beans are on tomorrow nights menu. Neither my husband or I like yellow beans but we refuse to waste them. With these I may need to add a dab of butter.We will have to see.


7# of produce this trip. And some lovely currants for our Christmas ham glaze, socked away in our freezer for now.