Organic beans, corn and red lettuce

Tonight’s dinner was organic green beans, sweet corn and natural turkey hamburgers. We switched about three months ago from ground beef  to natural turkey as of yet we have not found organic meat we like. The turkey has quite a bit more taste, no grease and far less calories. Price wise per pound we spend about fifty cents more. The brand we buy is Jennie-o and we both agree that is very good. The lovely green beans were from the Dane County Farmer’s Market in Madison, the corn is from a veggie stand here in town.


Green Beans

Green Beans-cook on medium for 15 minutes, warm up butter (olive oil is good too) lightly drizzle and sprinkle garlic salt lightly.  I also like them with sauteed red onion and olive oil. Either way- Delicious.


Fresh Corn-Yum

red lettuce

Wash well, pat dry. Good in salads with green frilly lettuce or even all alone. We are currently looking into different salad dressings to compliment this great lettuce. Every delicious organic sandwich we make gets two pieces of frilly red lettuce.

Last but not least- dessert


A peach from California. Perfectly ripe and mouth watering good at $2.99/lb

Bon Appetit!!